Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Sadik Bittar. I’m the co-founder of Flexible Entrepreneurs. First of all, welcome and thanks for taking the time to have a look around my website. Here’s a bit about me.

I’m an Informatic Engineer with a quite rich experience in IT. Part of me is an outcome of 5 Academic Certificates I studied during my life including 2 Master degrees, and the other part is the creativity and flexibility in my ideas & mindset that leads me to where I am today 🙂

My current profession is an Affiliate Marketing Specialist & Online Business Consultant, which took me a long search journey to settle down upon, journey inside me and outside me (on the internet :)) at the same time. I was looking for a career that has characteristics of this Online profession, and I will tell you how these characteristics emerged from my life story….
The exciting part of my story started when I had to leave my country Syria because of the war and headed to Dubai where my family was waiting for me to reach there alive. I don’t know if anyone of you have been put in a situation where you are forced to leave your country and start your life from the scratch or even below. I hope no one will be in this situation ever.

First Reason:

The moment I left my country I realized that I left behind me eight years of experience as an IT employee (as a Data Base Administrator and Linux Administrator). That painful loss sharpens my will to decide that my next career or profession will not be dependent on any geographical area (location-freedom) in the world, in other words it should be on the internet, and that was the spark that fired me to start searching the best available options to earn a full income on the internet

Second reason:

When you grow up in your country, you naturally build up a network of connections including your friends and family networks also, networks are vital to sustain and expand any type of business or career in any place in the world and support you in every aspect of your life. I left all my local business networks and professional connections there in Syria and started building them in Dubai. Another decision I took at that time was to start building international networks, and while you can pick who to communicate with and who not to, I could surround myself with like-minded people that are going to support my journey to build my dream lifestyle.

Fourth reason:

During my journey of mastering Forex trading, I met many traders who spent all their time behind the screen watching charts for many long hours.

I hated this part of this profession, because I believe that we deserve a comfortable lifestyle with flexible work hours; we are not machines after all so we should not work like ones.

That is what makes me determined to build a software that can do the trading for me and not do it manually and I programmed one with my partner. All that was before I discover the CryptoCurrrency opportunity that is far more profitable than any investment in our time, so I started to build my business module around this business.

I can choose now the number of hours I want to work every day or every week; if I don’t feel in the mood I just close my laptop and go out have fun or travel anywhere I want. This combination of online business and automation is the best formula to have time freedom and flexibility in your life.

Third reason:

During my search journey for the best profession to generate income on the internet, I reached the two best options according to my criteria: 1- Forex and stocks trading 2- Internet Marketing. At that time (2012) internet marketing started to be popular but the training was not organized and the business opportunities were very low in margin, so I chose to master the Forex trading. I started to study technical analysis methods using all the available resources that I could get, and with my programming background I started to program a piece of software (called expert advisor or robot) that applies a predefined strategy in Forex trading, and testing it on the whole history of a different currency pair.

To make a long story short, after 3 years of hard daily working in this field I could reach a trading formula that can almost guarantee winning in this difficult market place, and start building my professional trading software with my friend and partner.

Forex has the potential to build a stream of income, but you need to invest a huge capital to be able to earn the right amount of money to be totally financially independent. I didn’t have this amount of money and I guess most of the middle layer people in any society don’t have it either.

So Forex was not ideal to start with, but maybe it’s great when you build your fortune and want to add another stream of income to your investment portfolio.

While Forex’s Return on Investment (ROI) can be around 20% of the capital per year, I wanted to find an online business module that flips the formula, which means, make 400% of the invested capital per year. And that’s what I found. but let me continue my reasons for choosing this business module.

Fifth reason: 

There is one thing that annoys me the most with any traditional job as an employee in a company – the limited ability to grow and the long-time scale for this growing. From my own experience and from what I can see, my family and friends suffer the efforts they put to achieve their tasks in a perfect way is with hope that at the end of the year there could be some bonus or raise in the salary.

I hated this slavery system and I wanted to find a business module that allows scalability in business and the ability to positively correlate “effort and rewarding “.

Let me explain more: when you build an online business strategy you can use the internet and automation to build a scalable system so that if you put 1x amount of effort you will get 10x or maybe 100x amount of positive results (it can be money or any other things you seek for).

This is a business module that I want to invest my time and effort in, because I am sure that the rewards will be ten fold. 😉

To summarize my journey that leads me to where I am today, it is all about thinking and deciding what lifestyle I want to live and what work style I want to do and enjoy for the rest of my life.

I wanted a job with geographic- freedom and financial-freedom, with the ability to stop trading my time for money and to have total freedom and flexibility of my work time.

With this, I have a business module that rewards me multiple times on my effort and investment I put in the business and I am finally  surrounded with people who have the same ambition and vision as me 🙂

I hope my story inspires you and allows you to look with my eyes how I could achieve all of this by simply following my dream and learning the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve that goal.

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